Who is VereNorth?

VereNorth provides Internet marketing services and consulting exclusively to small and medium-size companies and startups. This focus is intentional. After 20+ years of combined experience at large agencies, we realized something: most companies are overlooked, overcharged, and underserved in the market. We formed VereNorth to fix that. We offer effective, accountable consulting at an affordable price so you can see a good return on your marketing investment.

Our team of SEO experts specialize in helping you get the most from your digital marketing budget by creating targeted, carefully managed strategies that deliver. What sets us apart is our ability to help small businesses use the Internet for marketing the way big businesses do. By setting priorities and focusing your efforts where they matter most — and helping you avoid costly mistakes that drain your budget — we improve your marketing performance and help you convert more qualified leads into sales. We make it easier for your customers to find you.