Facebook is Pulling the Wrong Social Post Image. What Should I Do?

It can be so frustrating. You’re creating a Facebook post and have the perfect image to go with it. But rather than show your image of choice, Facebook automatically pulls in the “social image” associated with the post and caches that instead. What gives?

The most likely reason is that your URL has been shared before, so Facebook pulls this cached image — whether it’s accurate or not. Or perhaps you didn’t add a featured image, or the featured image is wrong. Whatever the reason, your post will probably suffer without the most appropriate image. So what do you do? Don’t break your laptop! We got you covered.

Facebook is Pulling the Wrong Social Post Image. Here is how you can fix it.

We’ve used the following fix several hundred times over the past few years and it works like a charm.

• First, clear your cache using Facebook’s debugging tool. (And be sure to bookmark this URL because you’ll likely need it again.)
• Then click “scrape again.” Facebook should then re-fetch the information associated with the page.
• Finally, refresh the page by pressing the shift key and the F5 key at the same time.

You should now be able to choose the image you want to go with the post.