Hello, World! VereNorth’s Inaugural Post

We just couldn’t raise our hands to edit the title of this post. The words “Hello, World” are synonymous to the Internet and computer language as a painters first stroke, or a baby’s first step. I remember many moons ago, my first few lines of HTML and Javascript in school. All to generate an ugly popup window that greeted the world. 16 or so years later, kids are still legal methandienone online in usa starting off the same way in school but in more languages. We figured let’s continue the tradition, so this post is VereNorth’s “Hello, World!”

Hello, World!

And we’re off and running

VereNorth’s site is alive. We put the cart before the horse and got a bit ahead of ourselves taking on clients, but clients are why we’re here so it’s kind of a good thing. The good news after 9 months of working with clients is that we know our model works. We’ve helped several companies make marketing saving decisions, prevented a couple of potential catastrophic site relaunch projects, helped one client double their monthly leads, while another saw an 850% increase in organic traffic over a 6-month period (case study coming shortly!). It’s been a great start and we’re excited for our next steps.

Why VereNorth exists

We’re a group of Internet marketing veterans and business professionals that saw an immediate need in the small-to-medium business space for a multitude of digital services. The industry is rife with unethical SEO companies, blackbox services, and snake oil pitches which lead to poor customer experience and jaded views of the industry. Companies simply can’t afford a negative return on investment and most services companies don’t pay attention to operating in the black on their client’s dime. When we work with you, that’s where we’re going to focus. If we can’t make our services make smart business sense for our clients, then it simply won’t be a good fit and we’ll tell you that.

What’s next

Now that we have a website, we’re official! Our goal is to help businesses grow. We’ll be providing consulting, tools, and all forms of Internet marketing consulting to whomever we can help. Our mission is pretty simple, we want to work with companies seeking honest digital consulting online, who aren’t looking for a get rich quick format.

Stay tuned

We’ll be dropping knowledge in our blog on a regular basis. Have a question or a request? Feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to respond. Andy’s first post on site speed has just gone live and will be followed by even more great information around development, search engine optimization, paid advertising, user experience, analytics and much, much more. Stay tuned.